May 03 2013

The Boy who Became a Genius

J. De Herrera @ 5:47 pm

Albert Einstein was NOT an outstanding student and got mediocre grades in most classes – except math and science. The classroom setting and rote learning were not for him. After graduation, he got a job in a Swiss Patent Office in Bern. Working as a patent clerk left Einstein time to embark on his incredible scientific career.

In 1905, Einstein published some amazing scientific papers about the fundamental nature of energy, matter, motion, time and space:

March: Formulated the quantum theory of light – light exists as tiny packets, or particles, which he called photons.


  • April: Invented a way of counting and determining the size of atoms or molecules in a given space.
  • May: He explained ‘Brownian Motion’ and gave proof that atoms actually exist and are the nature of the chemical elements.
  • June: Einstein completed his special theory of relativity – light is both a wave and a particle. This theory seemed like a contradiction.
  • Later in 1905: Extension to special theory of relativity – gave proof that energy and matter are the same and that the energy content of a body is equal to the mass of the body times the speed of light squared: E=mc2.

E=mc2: This equation predicted a release of energy roughly a million times more efficient than that obtained by chemical combustion.

Albert Einstein continued his incredible string of theoretical developments of nuclear and other fundamental processes. Then other scientists began applications for nuclear power. The Einstein theories, such as the extension to special theory of relativity, where energy and matter are equivalent, were the basis for the development of atomic power. Fission was the first and was accomplished by splitting a heavy atom. Then Fusion of atomic particles was considered a better way to harness nuclear power. Nuclear reactions were used for producing bombs and ushered in the Atomic Age and the horrors of nuclear destruction of mankind. Albert Einstein disliked the use of nuclear energy for the production of bombs, eventually he became a pacifist.

After the war, scientists were able to harness Fission nuclear reactors to generate electricity and power industry. There were many problems with the radioactive materials used in fission and the radioactive waste from that process. Several nuclear reactor melt-downs and other accidents made it clear, fission reactors ARE NOT safe.

There was a long period, approximately sixty years, of work to develop Fusion energy for industrial power. Billions of dollars and extensive manpower were applied to build reactors that could heat and contain reaction materials. The pursuit of Nuclear Fusion promised “abundant energy for all.

Now, many years after the Atomic Age, there is a new safer type of nuclear energy called ‘cold fusion’. Scientists agree this new energy must be nuclear, but may not be fusion. The exact nature of the process is still being determined. Some researchers claim it taps into the ‘Weak energy’ type of nuclear reaction and they call it a Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR).

What began with the research of Drs. Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons in 1989, has now evolved into commercial ready reactors invented by Dr. Andrea Rossi of Italy (now a U.S.A. citizen). Testing of the Andrea Rossi Hot-Cat reactors has shown that this new reactor produces enough heat to power turbine generators to produce electricity.

An independent third party of scientists has tested the Rossi E-Cat reactor and will publish the results in a Scientific Journal in 2013. This positive third party validation report will be proof that the cold fusion/LENR reaction is real and ready to power world industry, homes, cars, trucks, boats, aircraft and any other device that requires heat or electrical power. Are we entering a new Age of safe, low cost, abundant power? Albert Einstein, who showed us there was abundant energy, locked up in the Atoms of the elements – would be very proud of this new development by Andrea Rossi.

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  1. sophareth says:

    The value d’nt waits the number of years (by Corneil in Rodrigue).

  2. Brigitte Nowell says:

    “The Boy who Became a Genius”
    Great article about Albert Einstein, and how successful he was with his interests in Math and Science. This shows you what can be accomplished with dedication and goals. The good news is Andrea Rossi is another dedicated scientist that has worked hard many years to accomplish the break through for cold fusion. The Cold Fusion/LENR Reactor will be the best break through for all of us, and make such a positive change to benefit our lives forever. This couldn’t come soon enough. Thank You Andrea Rossi. I also want to thank John DeHerrera for spreading the word and educating all of us.
    Brigitte Nowell