Nov 22 2011

Proliferation of “E-Cat” websites Confusing for Public

energy @ 9:28 am

Whilst the breakthroughs on cold fusion technology should be heralded by all, especially from those in Dr Andrea Rossi’s camp, there have been many who have been quick to jump on the bandwagon for all the wrong reasons. As you may be aware, there has been an explosion of sites on the Web that all claim to be the “real deal” in terms being the official or approved sites by Rossi himself.

Whilst laying claim to some or other type of relationship to the inventor of the Energy Catalyzer device that has is set to revolutionize the plight for renewable, green energy sources, Rossi has had a testing time of trying to set the record straight with regard to the legitimacy of these websites.

We are now able to tell you that Rossi has not endorsed one site over another in terms of any of them being his official corporate mouthpiece. His blog remains the centre of any official news that may come from Rossi himself. Sites like and have been linked to Rossi via the business relationships that Rossi has fostered with the likes of Sterling Allan of the PES Network and his licensee in Northern Europe, respectively.

If you would like to know more on how these relationships or deals were formed please continue reading this article.

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