Sep 02 2011

NASA to test Energy Catalyzer

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Rumors abound that NASA is soon to test the Rossi Energy Catalyzer ahead of it’s October 11th launch date. In so far as these speculations have been made, no sources have come forward to confirm this news yet. We’ll keep you posted.

Rossi and Ampenergo officers held a meeting with NASA scientists where they were surprised by the level of information the organisation had on what they were doing. We also know that Dennis Bushnell from Langley announced that he thought LENR (with specific reference to Rossi) may prove to be the answer to many of our energy and climate problems – and fast. Further, he said that they thought they knew how Rossi’s process might work (Widom Larsen Theory). Almost in the same breath, he announced that they (NASA Langley) were set to conduct experiments to test that theory.

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One Response to “NASA to test Energy Catalyzer”

  1. John De Herrera says:

    Will Andrea Rossi’s e-Cat triumph in October, producing more energy than it consumes? Or will ‘the Hot Fusion and card carrying Skeptics destroy poor little Rossi – like they did to Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischmann in 1989? Place your bets on the table now, before the mid October deadline. This will surely be “The Battle of the Century”. Let us all hope and pray for little Rossi and his e-Cat; if he wins, we all win!