Jan 16 2012

NASA & LENR – The New Space Frontier !

J. De Herrera @ 9:25 am

January 12, 2012, Independent e-Cat News released a video from NASA, announcing the incredible news that LENR is real and NASA is working with this new energy source. In the video, they describe a ‘neutron capture’ event that releases an incredible amount of energy! Neutron Capture is a nuclear event and “Cold Fusion” is still a respectable name for this process. NASA says there is no radiation or hazardous waste as a result of this “Low Energy Nuclear Reaction” process.

This confirmation of cold fusion from NASA will boost the credibility of the Rossi E-Cats and any other LENR Reactors that are being developed. And that higher credibility will help usher in the ‘Era of Cheap, Safe and Abundant Energy’. Dr. Rossi needs to obtain a US Patent and Certifications for his E-Cats before he can sell those in the United States. The fact that this video is for public consumption, indicates that NASA/US Gov. is not going to put a Top Secret label on the Rossi E-Cat invention and stop it from being used by civilians. GO ROSSI! Make millions and millions of the E-Cats and kittens!

All this excitement never would have happened if the Hot Fusion Physicists and the Card Carrying Skeptics had been allowed to continue discrediting cold fusion research. This technology was introduced in 1989 by two reputable scientists, Fleischmann and Pons, and their careers were ruined by pseudo-scientists who think they know everything about fusion. Now F&P are vindicated and we have commercial cold fusion reactors.

A special thanks to Rossi and Focardi and all the researchers who persisted with cold fusion research. NASA has validated the science of cold fusion and CF can transform our world and make energy affordable and safe. So let the Fantastic Future of Space Travel begin!  NASA can use cold fusion reactors to power Interstellar Space Craft and launch space ships to explore the Universe. Science Fiction writers – go for it. Let the exciting stories of space travel entertain us from now on (like the Western movies and books once did). We want to see Edward James Olmos, aka Commander William “Bill” Adama (Olmos) leading the exploration of space with his trusty crew on “Battlestar Galactica”..

Please, everyone check out the NASA video here below:

4 Responses to “NASA & LENR – The New Space Frontier !”

  1. Brad Arnold says:

    It ought to be stated that the video was not authorized by NASA, and doesn’t endorse Rossi who is the first (and only to my knowledge) person to get a high enough COP out of LENR to make it a commercial application. Also, I sincerely doubt LENR will be used anytime soon to boost a rocket into space, as it’s strong point is fuel density, not thrust (although it can be used indirectly to make getting off this rocket economical).

  2. John De Herrera says:

    Thank you Brad Arnold. You are correct, to launch a spacecraft from Earth requires tons of liquid fuel. The E-Cat could produce hydrogen, store it and then launch. Otherwise, E-Cat will be a very efficient and safe power for deep space travel and would not harm the humans aboard, like the nuclear fission power could. Other applications by NASA would be power for colonies on the Moon or elsewhere. There are so many uses for that little E-Cat and Rossi is such a good innovator and inventor. Our NASA Guy is probably getting lot’s of flack from the Hot Nuclear and Skeptic people!

  3. Kevin Kingery says:

    LENR could be used to power a ship already in space by producing Elec. power for a plasma drive it would make the trip to mars in 34 days.

  4. John De Herrera says:

    Kevin, thanks for the information. Plasma Drive is good for deep space travel.
    There is hydrogen in outer space and perhaps that could be obtained for the LENR reactor? Also new information at the AIP Conference on LENR energy for deep space: