Mar 05 2012

Mitsubishi FUSIO, a Futuristic Truck

J. De Herrera @ 5:40 pm

Mitsubishi has built and demonstrated a ‘Concept Dump Truck’ called the “FUSO”.  This futuristic truck comes in a glossy silver color. The design of the FUSIO is ultra-modern and nothing like the dump trucks we see on the road today. We see a wrap-around front cab that is all Plexiglas and a contoured body that includes the dump bed. Will we see this sleek FUSIO on the highways sometime soon?

Perhaps Mitsubishi could consider the use of a Rossi Energy Catalizer or E-Cat reactor for supplying the energy to drive this new dump truck. Heat from the reactor would have to be converted to steam and/or electricity to drive an engine. Perhaps both steam and electric vehicles will be built and tested, using the LENR reactors. The most efficient engine will have commercial success.

The use of an E-Cat would make any truck, bus or RV safer and cheaper to operate. Delivery trucks use a lot of fuel and that drives up the price of the products they deliver. City Buses often do not earn enough from passengers to cover their costs and need to be subsidized by the city or state. Motor Homes/RVs are wonderful if you like to travel. However, with fuel costs are so high, only the rich can afford to drive one. If these vehicles were powered by cold fusion/LENR reactors, the operating cost for energy would be greatly reduced. Air pollution is also a big problem with the diesel and gasoline engines of today. The Rossi E-Cat does not emit any harmful particles, gases, or nuclear radiation. A small amount of gamma radiation is emitted, however it is absorbed internally and used to heat the water that flows through the reactor.

It is NOT too soon to begin planning and designing the new cold fusion vehicles. The existing engine could be replaced without having to design and build a new vehicle. Present, piston type engines, will be obsolete and replaced with steam or electrical engines powered by an E-Cat. The new engines will be a vast improvement: quieter and cleaner with low cost energy derived from the NiH reactor.

At this time, fuel prices are increasing daily and this added cost is very hard on everyone. If you operate a commercial truck, fuel prices are reducing your profits substantially. For someone who has to drive a long distance to work, the increasing gas prices are a big hardship. So, perhaps in the near future, possibly the end of this year, the Rossi Energy Catalizers will start coming out of his factory. That will be a time to celebrate!

4 Responses to “Mitsubishi FUSIO, a Futuristic Truck”

  1. Thom says:

    Sounds like there are some very interesting stories there indeed. It must have took time gathering the research here and so well done. Great stuff

    • John De Herrera says:

      Thanks Thom, keep watching for the next two articles: Speed Boats and Planes!

  2. dima says:

    is there any proof that E-Cat is real, not hoax?

    • John De Herrera says:

      There are a lot of people yelling “fraud” and “hoax” at the Rossi claims that his Energy Catalizers are producing energy and near production. Every great inventor has had to “run the gauntlet” of accusations from ‘experts’ who claim to know the invention is a fraud. We now know as a fact that the Ni+H reactors produce heat energy – does the Rossi Energy Catailzer or E-Cat using a special catalist, produce more energy? Only Rossi knows the answer to that question; the rest of us will have to wait a few more months and see if he delivers his reactors.

      At this time, all we can do is wait for Dr. Rossi to get certifications of the small reactors and start production. Today he announced he is working with certification engineers. The E-Cats will be carefully tested and if they pass, they will be UL certified safe. There must be no dangerous radiations or any other hazards associated with the application of the reactors. All functions, even the controller, must work properly and not present any hazards. Hopefully UL will not require any more changes and the E-Cats can be produced and sold this year. jdh