Aug 18 2011

Life goes on after Rossi and Defkalion Split

energy @ 4:49 pm

It seems apart from the change of location from Greece to the capitalistic US market that Andrea Rossi has not made any big changes to his action plan. Life as we know continues to chug along even in the aftermath of Rossi’s split from Defkalion Green Technologies. Not a peep from either party regarding both the ‘low energy nuclear reactions’ aka LENR devices.

It is my hope that some definitive news come out of both these camps soon in order to keep the media interest in this revolutionary story of science and technology. So far Rossi continues to communicate to the world through his blog and answer questions as normal and his expectations and projections are consistent with what he has said previously. I guess all we can do is remain optimistic that something ground-breaking is within our midst.


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