Dec 12 2011

Industrial Boilers Need Low Cost E-Cat Energy!

J. De Herrera @ 4:10 pm

Industrial Boilers would be the ideal application for the Energy Catalizer (E-Cat). They would replace the present expensive, inefficient, and polluting boiler systems which use coal, natural gas, and industrial waste for fuel. Boilers consume large quantities of energy to generate steam, hot water, or electricity. The larger ones are big polluters of our environment.

Boilers are a critical component of commercial and industrial facilities and operations. They are used in manufacturing, schools, hospitals and every other public building to heat the rooms and for hot water or steam. Boilers come in many sizes and shapes depending on their design purpose. Small boilers heat water for a home or small office. Larger boilers supply hot water or steam for a factory and the largest boilers generate electricity for the grid.

Pollution standards are now getting stricter in California. On September 05, 2008, South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) ammended rules for emissions of oxides of nitrogen (NOx) from industrial, institutional, and commercial boilers, and process heaters. NOx causes smog and acid rain formations. Current requirements for NOx emission limit is 30 parts per million (ppm). Beginning in January 2012, these boilers will be required to meet more stringent NOx emission limits ranging from 12 ppm to 5 ppm.

Estimates show that there are almost 163,000 industrial and commercial boilers in the US with a total fuel input capacity of 2.7 million MMBtu/hr. These boilers consume about 8,100 Tbtu per year and accounting for about 40 percent of all energy consumed. The US commercial boiler market is $1.1 billion and rapidly growing!

A huge potential market exists for the larger boiler heating systems where the cost savings in energy by using the E-Cat would be great. And that energy would be safe and clean. Perhaps the first commercial customer for the Energy Catalizer (E-Cat), who purchased 13 of them, is now using them in boilers. Word has it that they were installed in remote areas by the US Military, where there is no available utility to supply electricity or gas. Now we need some applications where we can observe them in action and evaluate their performance.

2 Responses to “Industrial Boilers Need Low Cost E-Cat Energy!”

  1. Jorge Jimenez says:

    Ecat revolutionize the technology for energy and industry directly. Its use in boilers is very remarkable for the economy to be produced and further reduction of pollutants into the atmosphere. In geothermal energy will be very helpful for reservoir recovery processes in the long, hard winter periods. Finally, it is very evident when you can benefit in different fields the ECAT welcome.

  2. Giorgio Palazzini says:

    A most amazing technical application I ever red about. Me and neighbors just had a 50000 € methane gas bill for central heating in a 16 apartaments building not to mention pollution we have because of the presence of gasoline heatings in town