Aug 16 2011

Hyperion dreams of an E-Cat core

energy @ 3:57 pm

The saga unfolding between Defkalion and Andrea Rossi is like a page out of the “Nightmare Before Christmas”. Some of you may already be aware of the fact that Defkalion Green Technologies Inc. has named their nickel-hydrogen cold fusion product line, “Hyperion.”

They claim it utilizes the same design of reactor core (or “kernel” as they call it) as Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat “prototypes.” The reactor or kernel of an E-Cat (Energy Catalyzer) prototype is a metal tube, in which nickel powder, hydrogen gas, and one or more elements that serve as catalysts are placed. When the hydrogen pressure is increased and the contents of the reactor are heated, the cold fusion reaction is triggered. The result is a massive release of energy that consumes little fuel, and produces no pollution.

Defkalion Green Energy Inc. claims to have produced final products, but still will not answer two critical questions about the reactor cores at the heart of their systems. Also, Defkalion, who is pressing forward, states that an interesting citation that was posted on an internet list did not originate from their company.

I think there is more to this story than meets the eye. For read on here at PESN.

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