Nov 21 2011

How E-Cat could effect the Economy

energy @ 10:49 am

Is anyone out there basing purchasing decisions on your anticipation of E-Cat device availability?

That is the question an insightful article on the much-anticipated LENR device invented by Dr Andrea Rossi poses to an open audience. We all want to make our homes or businesses more energy efficient and effectively you may have been considering a new heating or cooling system, or perhaps installing solar panels to help provide electricity and hot water. When you hear that in a few years time a much more efficient heating system (and perhaps electricity generation) may be available, you could decide to wait until E-Cat units are available. Right?

Widespread anticipation of this new cold fusion technology could mean trouble for other renewable energies…

One Response to “How E-Cat could effect the Economy”

  1. Mathews says:

    To Mr Rossi and his team,

    Congratulations with your achievements.
    To answer on your question if the E-Cat could mean trouble for other renewable energies, the answer is yes.
    It will sure have a dramatic impact on them, but in fact I don’t care so much about it.
    It is not by doing something else, something better that your market gets smaller.
    Let me point that out: from the 100 people thinking of installing renewable energy, 5 to 10 % maybe doing it.
    In arguments with possible clients, a renewable energy salesman spends a lot of time and effort to get a sale closed.
    My guess with the E-Cat this will not be the case, client will understand faster his gains.
    The time not lost there, can be used to install a system, another job, but a more efficient job in result.
    Whole my life is dedicated to solar energy, and still working on new systems and designs.
    So I know the limitations and the possibilities, and will sure have more clients demanding your E-Cat.
    It will be something else for the petrol and gas Company’s, but isn’t it time something changes there?
    They made so much money already, and still do so, without any hesitation they will raise there prices again to comfort the shareholders.
    If they destroy the future for the generations to come is not their problem, only the money counts.
    And for the central heating installers, what better and bigger market can you hope for; there are millions of buildings…

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