Jan 31 2012

High Speed Bullet Trains Powered By Rossi E-Cats!

J. De Herrera @ 11:45 am

It was during the 1830s, that rail lines appeared in the Eastern States. The early lines were local and connected rivers, lakes and canals used for transportation. No rail systems existed and no scheduled service. Then the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad arrived and there was a switch from horsepower to steam-power! Soon there were rail lines moving across the United States.

Today there is a new heat energy system called the Energy Catalizer (E-Cat) Reactor. This new energy system was invented by Andrea Rossi, a dedicated clean environment technology developer. While over one hundred independent researchers were able to produce excess energy output from LENR/Cold Fusion, Rossi was able to produce larger amounts of energy and go commercial.

Now is the time to start planning the various applications for the new energy system. By tapping the immense power stored in a small amount of Nickel metal, and initiating a nuclear reaction with Hydrogen, the Rossi E-Cat produces abundant amounts of energy that is safe and very cheap!

With all the talk about “Bullet Trains” to speed transport people and goods across the United States and from Los Angeles north to San Francisco, the time is now to start planning a Rossi E-Cat powered Super Train. The E-Cat power will reduce the initial cost and operating cost of the Bullet Train. Like the original steam powered trains, development costs could be shared by Government and private enterprise.

The heat energy produced by the Rossi E-Cat could be converted to electricity or steam to power the engine that will drive the Bullet Trains. Modern steam turbines are much more efficient than the earlier versions and will work with the Rossi Energy Catalyzer.

As Andrea Rossi gets busy manufacturing millions of E-Cats to supply the world with cheap, safe, and abundant energy, let us all petition our world leaders to start planning and designing the future transportation vehicles that will use that new energy system. There will be lots of engineering and technical jobs, needed to build the new systems.

16 Responses to “High Speed Bullet Trains Powered By Rossi E-Cats!”

  1. praos says:

    Cost of energy in overall cost of train operation is very low indeed. And the greatest hurdle to bullet train is high demands put on high-speed tracks. So nothing revolutionary is to be expected there.
    Not so with air transportation, where cost of energy makes a hefty part. And then, with no fuel to carry, the capacity of planes could de doubled, even tripled on long-haul trips. Obviously, the newer technologijes are the most likely to be affected by a new technology.

  2. John De Herrera says:

    Actual Cost of energy would be substantial if you consider all the equipment involved with the current systems: the ever increasing shortages and cost of producing electrical power (nuclear fission and fusion, deep sea drilling, shale gas energy, coal energy, solar energy, windmills, etc.)and the clean up costs that have occurred in recent years. All of those would be obsolete if the LENR/LANR reactors are capable of producing substantial amounts of energy!

  3. John De Herrera says:

    “the greatest hurdle to bullet train is high demands put on high-speed tracks” and “Not so with air transportation”.

    No one is proposing that the ‘Bullet Trains’ will do all the transporting of people and cargo. There will be plenty of customers for both plains and trains. With lower costs, more people will travel. With Rossi E-Cat power for aircraft, there would be no need to carry thousands of gallons of dangerous fuel. High speed trains need to be ‘Elevated Monorails’ where there is no cross traffic or pedestrians.

  4. William Hill says:

    The full implications of Mr Rossi discovery have yet to be assessed. Almost any industry will benefit from an abundance of cheap energy. Oil, gas and coal production along with Solar energy and wind power will all however be hit badly. It is clear that the introduction of LENR devices will have to be planned carefully at both a national and international level. Many projects which have not been undertake because of the high cost of energy will now become viable, and older technologies might make a reappearance. Airships, steam trains, steam boats!! Let your imagination run wild, we could be heading into space in a much bigger way, on to the future.

    • John De Herrera says:

      Mr Hill, the Rossi E-Cat will be validated by the people who buy/lease one and put it to work. Rossi has/is submitting some E-Cats for UL testing, they will verify the functionality and safety of that device. With the results of applications and testing, we can be assured that this ‘Cold Fusion’ technology is real!

  5. Brad Arnold says:

    The new paradigm of very low cost, clean, and extremely abundant energy is sometimes difficult to imagine. Why would we want public transit (even high speed) when there will be plenty of energy for private transit? I believe that old fashion notions like energy conservation will be hard to shake, and some won’t die until the dinosaurs who have internalized those obsolete values die off.

    • John De Herrera says:

      Brad: “Why would we want public transit (even high speed) when there will be plenty of energy for private transit?”

      Ans: With low cost energy, there will be many more private travelers and crowded streets and highways. Public transit for distance travel will be easier: faster travel, no busy traffic, no parking problems, etc.

    • Roger Hill says:

      Because private transport sucks if: -

      1) You can’t afford the initial capital cost of private transport.
      2) You are too young/old/drunk to be capable of driving the private transport.
      3) The roads are so congested with everyone else in their private transport that it is faster to use public transport
      4) There is no economic parking for your private transport at your destination.
      5) The cost of sufficiently fast private transport is beyond your means (i.e. you may be able to afford automobile type transport, but not a long disance jet plane).

  6. Jim Davies says:

    “Like the original steam powered trains, development costs could be shared by Government and private enterprise.”

    Big mistake. If this breakthrough is genuine – and I hope it is – government should be kept away from it as far as possible. Whatever it touches, it ruins. Let all the massive profits be enjoyed by real people who take the risk. Why should taxpayers be forced to take it?

  7. Roger Bird says:

    Please, don’t tell your government officials. They will just screw things up. The free market will take care of everything and government officials will ruin everything.

  8. Roger Hill says:

    I would have thought that the main impact of LENR on high speed trains would be that the need for an overhead powersupply and overhead cables go away.

    Maybe not a large part of the cost of a high speed railway – but certainly a large part of their visual impact.

    Also overhead cables are a point of failure – apparently quite a frequent one on UK railways!

  9. Joe says:

    Has anyone proven that is thing works? Shoudn’t we do that before we put it on a train?

    • John De Herrera says:

      Joe, review all the successful tests on cold fusion/LENR since 1956 and you will soon realize how real this new technology is. We need to start discussing all the applications this new energy will be used for. “Engineers need to start designing ways to convert the heat energy of the E-Cat into electrical energy and power for transportation.

  10. Randy Post says:

    The e-Cat sounds like a great discovery. Clean energy is really needed today. And if they can use it in planes it will be awesome.

  11. Joe says:


    This guy has not proven anything yet. Until someone proves that the thing creates any energy this is all just wishful thinking .

    • John De Herrera says:

      Joe, there are many independent verifications of the cold fusion/LENR reactors. Is it so hard for you to think that Rossi has improved upon the LENR he borrowed from Focardi and increased the output? LENR is real – Rossi E-Cat may be ready for commercial production. jdh