Oct 20 2011

General Fusion rivals Rossi’s efforts

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Image courtesy of General Fusion.com

General Fusion, a Canadian-based company plans to assemble their hot fusion components into a scale model of a fusion containment system and generator in their newly acquired warehouses located in Vancouver. Thought not a direct threat to the work of Andrea Rossi, this company is just as keen as Rossi’s camp to use fusion technology to create energy that is  carbon-free energy, clean, non-radioactive, non polluting, and virtually limitless.

Concerned residents of the town of Burnaby are aware of the experiments going on at the General Fusion warehouses and city officials have been placed on high alert in the case of emergency evacuations due to explosions of any kind. However, Engineer and General Fusion CEO Doug Richardson, says that the company is strictly doing research and that any hot-fusion reactions, if they ever do occur, will take place off-site. So it seems residents have much ado about nothing at this point.

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4 Responses to “General Fusion rivals Rossi’s efforts”

  1. Brad Arnold says:

    Hot fusion (i.e. tremendous heat overcomes the coulomb barrier) isn’t close to a rival of cold fusion (i.e. LENR like Rossi’s Ni-H exothermic reaction) because it takes a lot more energy and requires a lot more infrastructure.

  2. dookhh says:

    I have seen articles and video on this, while it is fascinating and innovative and I do wish them luck with it, it really is still just a different way of accomplishing the big atomic plant. The maint. on this thing looks like it would be “excessive”. Godspeed to LENR, it holds the best hope for all of us who would like to tell big power, big oil and big everything else “no thank you, I’ll take the LENR in my garage”….

  3. Al Katami says:

    YYEESSSSS!! No more big powerplant to slave you! Considering it cost you 40% of your salary to heat yourself or to cool yourself. This is a way to have unlimited energy in your home. Water vapor unlimited..Soon we will see our cars with E-Cat thecno and vapor turbine for propultion. Why not? Again in History, mankind find a way to survive. It should spread the world as fast as possible. Replace all those dangerous nuclear power plants, all those carbon plants with their pollution, all those things that make us slaves of energy. Let’s hope this invention will stay and grow in medias.