Jan 05 2012

E-Cat Powered Motorcycle!

J. De Herrera @ 5:16 pm

Sylvester H. Roper of Roxbury Massachusetts was an inventor of many mechanical devices, including steam powered automobiles and motorcycles. The Roper steam velocipede of 1867 – 1869 was an incredible invention. It has yet to be determined whether the Roper or the Michaux-Perruaux was the world’s first motorcycle?

At this time in history there is a great opportunity to be the first to build a Cold-Fusion/LENR motorcycle! This would be your chance to show how clever you are and get the fame and recognition for this achievement. If you hurry, you could also be the first to apply the heat energy of the E-Cat Reactor for a transportation vehicle. First, you need to get in line to purchase one of the first small E-Cat Reactors.

Whether the E-Cat powers a motorcycle, motor-scooter, go-cart, or whatever, it should not be very difficult for a individual or group to build this vehicle. The first step will be to obtain a working Cold-Fusion/LENR Reactor. The reactor could transfer and store the heat in a liquid: water or thermal oil. At temperatures above 100°C, water requires a higher operating pressure. For safety and other reasons, it is best to use thermo oil, a special oil-based thermal fluid for the heat carrier.

The application of an E-Cat for a motorcycle could be very simple and use a Thermoelectric Generator (TEG).  The TEG is a solid-state, no moving parts, generator of electricity. Based on the thermocouple effect, the TEG is small and very compact. A small battery could store the DC electricity generated by the TEG and that electricity could warm and start the E-Cat. Then the electricity could power an electric motor for driving the motorcycle. The steam turbine, though much more complicated, could be used instead of the electric motor.

Perhaps some wealthy individual or organization could offer a Grand Prize for the first Cold Fusion powered vehicle. That would get lots of people trying to be the first.  The higher the prize, the more excitement would be generated. All of this would help bring LENR power sooner and stimulate the world economies. While many would loose their jobs and businesses, many others would be employed making, installing, and servicing the new power supplies. The high cost of energy would drop substantially and there would more money to spend on necessities, luxuries, or travel.

7 Responses to “E-Cat Powered Motorcycle!”

  1. John De Herrera says:

    Mr Rossi announced the production of small E-Cats designed for home use. This could be used for powering ‘The First E-Cat Motorcycle’:


    Things are moving rapidly now. Time to start planning and designing ‘The World’s First E-Cat Motorcycle’.

  2. Just a critic says:

    I believe the thermoelectric generator is no where as energy-efficient and powerful as an electric motor with a fuel cell. I mean, practically, how fast can a steam-powered little bike go? Correct me if i’m wrong on that.

    • John De Herrera says:

      To ‘Just a Critic’
      How polite you are “Correct me if i’m wrong on that” not like the Skeptics, so full of sarcasm and name calling.

      The efficiencies are changing. Research and development are increasing the efficiency of thermoelectric devices, fuel cells, and steam generators. Let it be a competition among these for the applications of the LENR reactors.

  3. Sophareth says:

    I think more to intercontinental air transports
    for human and freight.

    • John De Herrera says:

      I am researching early application on using ‘steam engines’ for aircraft and writing an article with suggestions on how best to use the Rossi Energy Catalizer for aircraft! In April you can read about this exciting application.

  4. windows replacement says:

    such helpful info thanks

  5. John De Herrera says:

    Thank you for that information, I will take a close look at the fuel cell technology and see how it compares or with other technologies.