Feb 08 2012

E-Cat Powered Monorails!

J. De Herrera @ 2:36 pm

Walt Disney was a visionary who used his television shows to talk about and show future technology. In 1959, Walt and his wife were vacationing in Germany and saw the Alweg Monorail system. It was such an inspiring thing to see, Walt was determined to install a Monorail systems at Disneyland in California. Since that time there have been seven versions of that original Monorail system built for California and for Florida: Mark I, Mark II, Mark III, Mark IV, Mark V, Mark VI, and Mark VII. As the technology advances, the Monorails get better.

It was Walt Disney’s hope and dream that these sleek, quiet, safe and beautiful Monorail systems would supply the future transportation for California and the rest of the United States. Those  hopes and dreams were squashed by Government Agencies and planners who have their own dreams of Heavy Rail and Light Rail systems for public transportation. Their opinion is that Monorail Systems are too expensive and only for Amusement Parks; not for general transportation.

While cheaper to build, the ground based rail systems are very dangerous to other vehicles and pedestrians. There are many accidents and fatalities when Heavy Rail or Light Rail equipment collides with cars, trucks, buses, or people. There are many YouTube videos that show real accidents:

Is human life so cheep, that it is not considered when choosing a public transportation system?

At the official website of the Monorail Society, there are many articles about the safety, environmentally friendly, and a cost-effective alternative to modern mass transit. “Monorails regularly operate at an amazing 99.9% reliability. No other form of transit can touch that number. There are only ten Monorail systems currently operating in the U.S. Six are in amusement parks, airports and zoos”.

With the Rossi Energy Catailzer (E-Cat) reactors, the cost of energy for powering mass transit systems will be a small fraction of the present cost. Could the Government Agencies and planners be persuaded to select a cleaner safer Monorail system? Perhaps with some persuasion from the voters, the world will soon see many more Monorail systems being built. We should all support the E-Cat developments and the use of this reactor for new Mass Transit systems.

2 Responses to “E-Cat Powered Monorails!”

  1. chemind says:

    Technology improvement should be encourged by the government to reach people with effortable price and safety. Monorail system will give best possible safety and comfort to every user

  2. John De Herrera says:

    I am getting ready to drive my son to the Los Angeles Airport, from Orange County (36 miles of heavy traffic). He is going on vacation to South america. We wish there was a Monorail from here to LAX.