Feb 14 2012

Cold Fusion/LENR – Gateway to a Prosperous Future!

J. De Herrera @ 6:05 pm

Energy is the most fundamental requirement for Modern Living and Industrial Progress. When a nation is able to obtain chemical or nuclear energy and convert that to electricity, all the comforts of modern living are available. When there is abundant electrical energy, industrial applications soon follow. There is a definite correlation between the energy consumption and income of a nation. If estimates are correct, the new Cold Fusion/LENR Reactors will soon be supplying low cost, safe, and abundant energy.

The strategy Andrea Rossi has chosen –to overcome the lack of patent protection and competition from other LENR reactors – is to mass-produce the Rossi Energy Catalizer or E-Cat. Using fully automated manufacturing, the Rossi E-Cats will be produced in the millions each year. Rossi had predicted that a 10 kW Reactor for heating would cost between $1000 and $1,500 U.S. dollars. The new prices, due to the fully automated manufacturing, are now as low as $600 – $800 per unit. Optional equipment with the reactor will supply cooling/air conditioning and electricity for a home or office. Now consider that this unit will operate for approximately six months before it needs a new $10 reactor cartridge. If these estimates hold up, the E-Cat will replace existing furnaces and save the owner a substantial amount of money.

Industrial processes use a tremendous amount of energy and will welcome the larger E-Cats. Prices on those will also drop as a benefit of automated manufacturing. Heat energy, cooling, and electricity production will come from the Rossi Energy Catalizers. As a result of lower energy costs, the prices of manufactured goods and food will drop and there will be greater disposable income for everyone.

Transportation is another sector that will benefit from low cost energy. Some food and manufactured goods are transported through out the world and that cost is included in the retail price of that product. Air transportation, ships, trucks, etc. all will benefit from the Rossi Energy Catalizers. The E-Cat produces heat energy and that heat must be converted to electrical or mechanical energy before it is used to power transportation vehicles.

The energy production plants today, such as coal and oil, produce environmental pollution. Our air, ground, and water is polluted and nuclear energy leaves dangerous radioactive waste and contamination. All transportation vehicles also produce pollution and the result on peoples health is enormous. The Rossi Energy Catalizer is clean and safe and leaves no radioactive waste. The result of converting to this new energy production will benefit everyone and we will have a cleaner and healthier environment.

It’s very hard for some scientists to accept this new source of energy. The problem is they learned that due to the coulomb barrier, fusion can only occur when we duplicate the temperatures and pressures that are found on the Sun or Stars. Perhaps they do not know everything that there is to know about nuclear processes, so they dismiss things that are not found in their Nuclear Physics Textbooks. Obviously Dr. Francisco Piantelli, Dr. Sergio Focardi, and Dr. Andrea Rossi, did not know it was impossible to produce energy from Nickel and Hydrogen, do they did it!

All of the benefits the world will enjoy are a direct result of the hard work and dedication by Andrea Rossi and his highly intelligent partner, Sergio Focardi. We will forever be grateful for his Energy Catalizer or E-Cat and will live healthier lives because of it.

6 Responses to “Cold Fusion/LENR – Gateway to a Prosperous Future!”

  1. Antinazi says:

    Sounds to good to be true. So where can I buy one?

  2. Dave Jay says:

    Please keep us all advised of the progress in this technology. I know of an army of people that will be advocates to get this to market.

  3. John De Herrera says:

    The 1M units are in production and could be purchased today! The smaller ones for Home use will be ready in app. 8 months, says Rossi. These smaller ones will be ideal for someone who is working on the WORLDS FIRST COLD FUSION POWERED CAR, MOTORCYCLE OR MOTORBIKE!

  4. ray truitt says:

    it’s the nickel oxide
    you know about debroglie
    and you know about the blinking effects of time
    I am so glad for you
    way to go

  5. Clark Kent says:

    I really hope that this could become reality. I would by this machine immediately! But real life teaches us another reality: such inventions end up in drawers of real powerful and rich people and the inventor himself in a cold grave…