Nov 26 2011

Open Letter To Us Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr.

J. De Herrera @ 9:16 am

Mr. Eric H. Holder, Jr., Attorney General of the United States. I have an urgent message for you that will affect the future of our country and the rest of the world. First, let me thank you for the hard work you do fighting organized crime. That is an important service to our country and regional countries of South America.

With the inventions of indoor plumbing and water supplies, came the amazing benefits of modern technology: abundant clean water, washing machines, showers, etc.  With the inventions of automobiles and other forms of transportations, came freedom to travel, haul farm goods, etc. The world is a much better place now with lots of electric tools and appliances. However, there is a tremendous need for energy to supply all of these conveniences.

Nov 22 2011

Proliferation of “E-Cat” websites Confusing for Public

energy @ 9:28 am

Whilst the breakthroughs on cold fusion technology should be heralded by all, especially from those in Dr Andrea Rossi’s camp, there have been many who have been quick to jump on the bandwagon for all the wrong reasons. As you may be aware, there has been an explosion of sites on the Web that all claim to be the “real deal” in terms being the official or approved sites by Rossi himself.

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Nov 17 2011

US citizens petition govt over E-Cat

energy @ 3:10 pm

Image courtesy of the Cold Fusion Now website

Ordinary Americans are calling for the US government to “investigate the usefulness of the Energy Catalyzer reactor”. A site was started in order for citizens to rally together to petition President Obama to duly consider the use of Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) technology in a bid to reduce the countries growing energy crisis.

Of course the major player in the cold fusion game at the moment is Dr Andrea Rossi, the inventor of the Energy Catalyzer, also known as the E-Cat device.


Nov 16 2011

Five Kilowatt E-Cat Heater expected in 2013

energy @ 9:00 pm

Image courtesy of James Rodney Photographics

After the success of his public launch in October, it seems the sky is the limit for Dr Andrea Rossi, inventor of the Energy Catalyzer reactor. It seems a 1MW E-Cat power plant was not enough of a reach for the ambitious Rossi. He now plans to build a 5kW E-Cat Heater. The device is in its concept stages at the moment, but is expected to go into production in 2013.

Learn more about this device here:


Nov 15 2011

Rossi signs deal with National Instruments in US

energy @ 10:41 am

Image courtesy of National Instruments website

According to news reports, Dr Andrea Rossi has signed an agreement with Texas-based company National Instruments (NI), allowing them to manufacture all of the instrumentation for the E-Cat cold fusion plants. The plants went on sale after the October 28th public launch in Bologna, Italy and is the first of its kind to be sold commercially. According to Rossi, NI will be creating the controls to monitor and regulate this LENR process.

For more on this story, visit:


Nov 09 2011

Customers flock to Rossi’s E-Cat after demo

energy @ 9:27 am

It seems Dr Andrea Rossi will be a rich man after all what the reports of a few more sales on his blog after a very successful launch of his E-Cat power plant on 28 October 2011. The demonstration was hailed as a breakthrough for LENR and cold fusion technology. It was also reported that shortly after the testing was over that Rossi’s still-to-be-named US customer accepted delivery of a commercial E-Cat device after being thoroughly impressed by its output.

Nov 08 2011

Dr. Rossi – The Italian Wizard!

J. De Herrera @ 8:21 pm

The first commercial sale of an Energy Catalyzer took place on October 28 in Bologna, Italy. After careful observations and testing, using their own scientists and engineers, with their test instruments, the satisfied customer paid for the E-Cat Reactor system and took possession. This was a historic occasion and ushered in a new era of safe, clean, cheap and abundant energy for industry, homes and transportation. Let us all give thanks to Dr. Rossi. Each E-Cat sold will contribute to a better environment.

Nov 07 2011

MIT Professor urges E-Cat skeptics to be open-minded

energy @ 10:24 am

Andrea Rossi, the inventor of the Energy Catalyzer device has conducted a public demonstration of his “cold fusion” reactor at the University of Bologna. Tests showed that a small amount of input energy drives an unexplained reaction between atoms of hydrogen and nickel that leads to a large outpouring of energy, more than 10 times what was put in.

But the experimentalists who have seemingly demonstrated cold fusion over the years have been unable to explain the underlying mechanism that drives the miraculous reaction they observed during the testing. This has caused a rift in the scientific community as some experts have turned its back on this line of research.

Nov 04 2011

Scientists claim E-Cat defies Laws of Physics

energy @ 11:50 am

Even though the world witnessed the successful launch of Andrea Rossi’s 1MW E-Cat power plant on 28 October 2010, scientists the world over still hold the view that Rossi’s invention defies for the laws of physics. Of course reports based on the opinion of naysayers in the scientific fraternity wield much controversy and stamp on the great breakthrough that was achieved at the demonstration.

The United States Department of Energy the U.S. Patent Office say the process is impossible because physics rules out the possibility of room-temperature nuclear fusion. But Rossi’s E-Cat reactor has proven them wrong, and shortly, we’ll be able to see the comparative results from all the tests that have taken place at the University of Bologna in Italy.


Nov 02 2011

Rossi’s Anonymous Customer Approves 1MW plant

energy @ 8:58 pm

The anonymous customer that has been alluded to as the “Americans” of Dr Andrea Rossi in a landmark victory for cold fusion technology breakthroughs, has approved of the E-Cat powered plant. This was after the customer who has yet to be named, had their own scientists and engineers test the device which is comprised of more than 100 E-CAT modules that were said to have been built into a shipping container.

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