May 23 2013

Rossi E-Cat HTs 3rd Party Test Report

J. De Herrera @ 3:05 pm

A third party validation report was published on May 16, titled “Indication of anomalous heat energy production in a reactor device”, whose purpose was to verify if the Andrea Rossi Energy Reactor is or is not producing more energy than it takes in. The validation test results were positive and are evidence that the Andrea Rossi Energy Reactor is producing vast amounts of heat energy.

Mar 14 2012

Boats, Ships and E-Cats

J. De Herrera @ 1:31 pm

In the Age of ‘Sailing Ships’ and ‘Great Discoveries’, it was the FREE ENERGY that made it all possible! Mother Nature DOES NOT CHARGE ANYTHING for the wind energy that powered the Majestic Sailing Ships! These ships were able to travel all over the Globe and discover many new lands and peoples. Windmills provided FREE ENERGY for pumps and other machines on land. Now with the Rossi Energy Catalizer, energy is again, very low cost – ALMOST FREE. How will this new Age of Energy benefit mankind?

Mar 05 2012

Mitsubishi FUSIO, a Futuristic Truck

J. De Herrera @ 5:40 pm

Mitsubishi has built and demonstrated a ‘Concept Dump Truck’ called the “FUSO”.  This futuristic truck comes in a glossy silver color. The design of the FUSIO is ultra-modern and nothing like the dump trucks we see on the road today. We see a wrap-around front cab that is all Plexiglas and a contoured body that includes the dump bed. Will we see this sleek FUSIO on the highways sometime soon?

Jan 26 2012

E-Cat Powered Sport Cars!

J. De Herrera @ 6:18 pm

Most of us have had a long-term love affair with an automobile. Perhaps we picked up out date in a car in our high-school days? Or maybe some were into high performance or custom cars? Those were the good old days and we miss them. Modern cars are getting smaller and look so boxy. There is nothing more beautiful, on four wheels, than a sports car like the one in this page.

Nov 26 2011

Open Letter To Us Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr.

J. De Herrera @ 9:16 am

Mr. Eric H. Holder, Jr., Attorney General of the United States. I have an urgent message for you that will affect the future of our country and the rest of the world. First, let me thank you for the hard work you do fighting organized crime. That is an important service to our country and regional countries of South America.

With the inventions of indoor plumbing and water supplies, came the amazing benefits of modern technology: abundant clean water, washing machines, showers, etc.  With the inventions of automobiles and other forms of transportations, came freedom to travel, haul farm goods, etc. The world is a much better place now with lots of electric tools and appliances. However, there is a tremendous need for energy to supply all of these conveniences.

Oct 20 2011

General Fusion rivals Rossi’s efforts

energy @ 1:07 pm

Image courtesy of General

General Fusion, a Canadian-based company plans to assemble their hot fusion components into a scale model of a fusion containment system and generator in their newly acquired warehouses located in Vancouver. Thought not a direct threat to the work of Andrea Rossi, this company is just as keen as Rossi’s camp to use fusion technology to create energy that is  carbon-free energy, clean, non-radioactive, non polluting, and virtually limitless.

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Aug 29 2011

Cold Fusion Research Continues…

energy @ 10:01 pm

A German company is conducting cold fusion research intended to produce an alternative energy source in Berlin. The company is owned and operated by Dr. Jan Marwan who has a PHD in electrochemistry from the University of Southampton in England. Marwan’s areas of expertise are surface/materials science, nanotechnology and chemical sensors. He seems to be trying to use nanotechnology in his efforts to develop a cold fusion process.

Its final goal is the low cost manufacture of Low Energy Nuclear Reaction devices; however, it is unclear what progress this organization has made from its website. For more on this matter, please visit this website.

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Aug 18 2011

Life goes on after Rossi and Defkalion Split

energy @ 4:49 pm

It seems apart from the change of location from Greece to the capitalistic US market that Andrea Rossi has not made any big changes to his action plan. Life as we know continues to chug along even in the aftermath of Rossi’s split from Defkalion Green Technologies. Not a peep from either party regarding both the ‘low energy nuclear reactions’ aka LENR devices.


Jul 20 2011

Cold Fusion: A Suppressed Technology

energy @ 9:04 pm

Who remembers the old TV programme called the ‘Phenomenon – The Lost Archives’?

Well, a closer look at an episode in the series reveals the first utterances of what Andrea Rossi has seemed to perfect – Cold Fusion. Take a look at this episode where the first two scientists, who were recognised as the first to develop “cold fusion” technology, also dispute the media’s use of the term in describing this technological advance.

The description of ‘cold fusion’ as indicated in the early iteration is as follows: “Cold fusion refers to a proposed nuclear fusion process of unknown mechanism offered to explain a group of disputed experimental results.”

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