Apr 10 2012

Fusion Energy: Sun Vs Earth Environments

J. De Herrera @ 5:44 pm

Hot Fusion scientists mention the ‘Coulomb barrier*’ as an argument against the possibility of cold fusion at room temperature. We hear so much about the environments of the Sun and Stars and how the extreme temperatures and pressures there are necessary for the fusion of atomic particles to occur. The assumption is that there cannot be any fusion of elements here on Earth, without the million degrees temperature and extreme pressures found on the Sun.

Jan 31 2012

High Speed Bullet Trains Powered By Rossi E-Cats!

J. De Herrera @ 11:45 am

It was during the 1830s, that rail lines appeared in the Eastern States. The early lines were local and connected rivers, lakes and canals used for transportation. No rail systems existed and no scheduled service. Then the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad arrived and there was a switch from horsepower to steam-power! Soon there were rail lines moving across the United States.

Today there is a new heat energy system called the Energy Catalizer (E-Cat) Reactor. This new energy system was invented by Andrea Rossi, a dedicated clean environment technology developer. While over one hundred independent researchers were able to produce excess energy output from LENR/Cold Fusion, Rossi was able to produce larger amounts of energy and go commercial.

Jan 26 2012

E-Cat Powered Sport Cars!

J. De Herrera @ 6:18 pm

Most of us have had a long-term love affair with an automobile. Perhaps we picked up out date in a car in our high-school days? Or maybe some were into high performance or custom cars? Those were the good old days and we miss them. Modern cars are getting smaller and look so boxy. There is nothing more beautiful, on four wheels, than a sports car like the one in this page.

Dec 05 2011

What Is Cold Nuclear Fusion?

J. De Herrera @ 9:54 am

It all started as an attempt to change base metals into precious metals – lead into gold! These were the ‘Alchemists’ who were the precursors to modern chemists. Their terminology, procedures, and some equipment, are still in use today. However, their attempts at ‘Nuclear Transmutation’ (changing base elements) failed. That was a long time ago.

Nov 16 2011

Five Kilowatt E-Cat Heater expected in 2013

energy @ 9:00 pm

Image courtesy of James Rodney Photographics

After the success of his public launch in October, it seems the sky is the limit for Dr Andrea Rossi, inventor of the Energy Catalyzer reactor. It seems a 1MW E-Cat power plant was not enough of a reach for the ambitious Rossi. He now plans to build a 5kW E-Cat Heater. The device is in its concept stages at the moment, but is expected to go into production in 2013.

Learn more about this device here: http://www.leonardo-ecat.com/fp/Products/5kW_Heater/index.html


Oct 14 2011

A revolution in cheap power

energy @ 1:57 pm

Every now and then along comes a technology that is revolutionary and changes everything. But a very few of these new technologies cause fast change.

The whole idea of generating power from nuclear fusion has been, if you’ll excuse the pun, a “hot” topic for a long time. Most attempts to build fusion power generators have been mainly “Big Science” experiments costing millions of dollars, such as the National Spherical Torus Experiment, the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor, the Tokamak Fusion Test Reactor and the Polywell.

Aug 16 2011

Hyperion dreams of an E-Cat core

energy @ 3:57 pm

The saga unfolding between Defkalion and Andrea Rossi is like a page out of the “Nightmare Before Christmas”. Some of you may already be aware of the fact that Defkalion Green Technologies Inc. has named their nickel-hydrogen cold fusion product line, “Hyperion.”

They claim it utilizes the same design of reactor core (or “kernel” as they call it) as Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat “prototypes.” The reactor or kernel of an E-Cat (Energy Catalyzer) prototype is a metal tube, in which nickel powder, hydrogen gas, and one or more elements that serve as catalysts are placed. When the hydrogen pressure is increased and the contents of the reactor are heated, the cold fusion reaction is triggered. The result is a massive release of energy that consumes little fuel, and produces no pollution.

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Jul 29 2011

Cold Fusion Heats Earth’s Core?

energy @ 9:17 pm
Image credit to Global Warming blog

Image credit to Global Warming blog

Okay folks, half of the Earth’s heat energy is now unaccounted for.  Careful measurement has eliminated a lot of the uncertainty in our calculations and we now know that the only understood heat source is good for half of the observed output.  Primordial heat sounds good and is plausibly the heat of Newtonian assemblage which is still far too little and has likely long ago been largely dissipated.

So we now have a real problem in explaining the source of all that heat.  I will step beyond that.  There is little evidence of decay either as we peer backwards in geological time.  We are producing heat and it appears almost sustainable.

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