May 23 2013

Rossi E-Cat HTs 3rd Party Test Report

J. De Herrera @ 3:05 pm

A third party validation report was published on May 16, titled “Indication of anomalous heat energy production in a reactor device”, whose purpose was to verify if the Andrea Rossi Energy Reactor is or is not producing more energy than it takes in. The validation test results were positive and are evidence that the Andrea Rossi Energy Reactor is producing vast amounts of heat energy.

Sep 13 2012

Major Crisis For Rossi and his E-Cats

J. De Herrera @ 8:47 am

Information from websites that monitor the development of the Rossi E-Cats (3 or 4 separate models) indicate that Rossi has sidelined the original “low-temperature” E-Cats in favor of developing the new 1200°C “Hot-Cat”. This new reactor would be the “Holy Grail” of energy production and supply all types of energy (heat, electrical, mechanical, etc.) for domestic and industry.

Apparently in frustration with the progress from Rossi, a private Swedish investors group sent a technician to monitor the testing of the new, high temp. reactor at Rossi’s Bologna facility. The INPUT power measured by the technician were 2 to 3 times higher than those mentioned in a report by the Rossi engineers. So, the ‘technician’ prepared a PRESS RELEASE that told the world about this discrepancy! The Swedish group promptly halted their involvement with Rossi.

Sep 10 2012

Andrea Rossi E-Cat Conference now in Zürich

Paolo @ 8:44 am

The Andrea Rossi E-Cat Conference in Zürich began Sept.8 with Adolf and Inge Schneider Opening Speakers. You can monitor the events and speakers (some of this is in German, so put your German hat on and listen to the speakers).

We hope that lots of technical information will be presented and that the Rossi’s E-Cat invention has now started a new ‘THIRD INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION’! We will all benefit from this safe, cheap, abundant energy source.

Jul 09 2012

Status Report for the Rossi E-Cat Reactors

J. De Herrera @ 11:44 am

The saga of the cold fusion energy reactors continues with our heroes, the researchers, battling the coulomb barrier, COP performance, bureaucratic barriers and pseudo-Skeptic criticisms. Who will triumph? Will the technical barriers be too much to overcome? Will the bureaucrat and Skeptics barriers stop the progress? Or will the researchers triumph and deliver the most incredible invention ever – a safe, cheap and abundant energy device!

It was very reassuring to listen to Robert Duncan, University of Missouri, vice chancellor for research, in the 60 Minutes broadcast on April 24, 2009. He continues to give solid support for the CF/LENR research. If you missed that fascinating broadcast, see:

Apr 10 2012

Fusion Energy: Sun Vs Earth Environments

J. De Herrera @ 5:44 pm

Hot Fusion scientists mention the ‘Coulomb barrier*’ as an argument against the possibility of cold fusion at room temperature. We hear so much about the environments of the Sun and Stars and how the extreme temperatures and pressures there are necessary for the fusion of atomic particles to occur. The assumption is that there cannot be any fusion of elements here on Earth, without the million degrees temperature and extreme pressures found on the Sun.

Mar 14 2012

Boats, Ships and E-Cats

J. De Herrera @ 1:31 pm

In the Age of ‘Sailing Ships’ and ‘Great Discoveries’, it was the FREE ENERGY that made it all possible! Mother Nature DOES NOT CHARGE ANYTHING for the wind energy that powered the Majestic Sailing Ships! These ships were able to travel all over the Globe and discover many new lands and peoples. Windmills provided FREE ENERGY for pumps and other machines on land. Now with the Rossi Energy Catalizer, energy is again, very low cost – ALMOST FREE. How will this new Age of Energy benefit mankind?

Mar 05 2012

Mitsubishi FUSIO, a Futuristic Truck

J. De Herrera @ 5:40 pm

Mitsubishi has built and demonstrated a ‘Concept Dump Truck’ called the “FUSO”.  This futuristic truck comes in a glossy silver color. The design of the FUSIO is ultra-modern and nothing like the dump trucks we see on the road today. We see a wrap-around front cab that is all Plexiglas and a contoured body that includes the dump bed. Will we see this sleek FUSIO on the highways sometime soon?

Feb 20 2012

Open Letter to Pentagon/FBI/CIA/NSA: Cold Fusion/LENR Energy Age is Coming

J. De Herrera @ 7:25 pm

My first efforts to contribute something to the defense of this country started in 1943. It was a time of great turmoil and conflict – World War II was raging and many people were dying. My Dad was in the United States Navy and Mom’s three brothers were fighting with the Army. I was collecting tin cans for the war effort, mom would remove the top and bottom with a can opener, then I would smash the cans with my little foot and place them in a box for the collection truck. That was a long time ago.

Feb 14 2012

Cold Fusion/LENR – Gateway to a Prosperous Future!

J. De Herrera @ 6:05 pm

Energy is the most fundamental requirement for Modern Living and Industrial Progress. When a nation is able to obtain chemical or nuclear energy and convert that to electricity, all the comforts of modern living are available. When there is abundant electrical energy, industrial applications soon follow. There is a definite correlation between the energy consumption and income of a nation. If estimates are correct, the new Cold Fusion/LENR Reactors will soon be supplying low cost, safe, and abundant energy.

Feb 08 2012

E-Cat Powered Monorails!

J. De Herrera @ 2:36 pm

Walt Disney was a visionary who used his television shows to talk about and show future technology. In 1959, Walt and his wife were vacationing in Germany and saw the Alweg Monorail system. It was such an inspiring thing to see, Walt was determined to install a Monorail systems at Disneyland in California. Since that time there have been seven versions of that original Monorail system built for California and for Florida: Mark I, Mark II, Mark III, Mark IV, Mark V, Mark VI, and Mark VII. As the technology advances, the Monorails get better.

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