Nov 09 2011

Customers flock to Rossi’s E-Cat after demo

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It seems Dr Andrea Rossi will be a rich man after all what the reports of a few more sales on his blog after a very successful launch of his E-Cat power plant on 28 October 2011. The demonstration was hailed as a breakthrough for LENR and cold fusion technology. It was also reported that shortly after the testing was over that Rossi’s still-to-be-named US customer accepted delivery of a commercial E-Cat device after being thoroughly impressed by its output.

Nov 07 2011

MIT Professor urges E-Cat skeptics to be open-minded

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Andrea Rossi, the inventor of the Energy Catalyzer device has conducted a public demonstration of his “cold fusion” reactor at the University of Bologna. Tests showed that a small amount of input energy drives an unexplained reaction between atoms of hydrogen and nickel that leads to a large outpouring of energy, more than 10 times what was put in.

But the experimentalists who have seemingly demonstrated cold fusion over the years have been unable to explain the underlying mechanism that drives the miraculous reaction they observed during the testing. This has caused a rift in the scientific community as some experts have turned its back on this line of research.

Nov 04 2011

Scientists claim E-Cat defies Laws of Physics

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Even though the world witnessed the successful launch of Andrea Rossi’s 1MW E-Cat power plant on 28 October 2010, scientists the world over still hold the view that Rossi’s invention defies for the laws of physics. Of course reports based on the opinion of naysayers in the scientific fraternity wield much controversy and stamp on the great breakthrough that was achieved at the demonstration.

The United States Department of Energy the U.S. Patent Office say the process is impossible because physics rules out the possibility of room-temperature nuclear fusion. But Rossi’s E-Cat reactor has proven them wrong, and shortly, we’ll be able to see the comparative results from all the tests that have taken place at the University of Bologna in Italy.


Nov 02 2011

Rossi’s Anonymous Customer Approves 1MW plant

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The anonymous customer that has been alluded to as the “Americans” of Dr Andrea Rossi in a landmark victory for cold fusion technology breakthroughs, has approved of the E-Cat powered plant. This was after the customer who has yet to be named, had their own scientists and engineers test the device which is comprised of more than 100 E-CAT modules that were said to have been built into a shipping container.

Nov 01 2011

Krivit still labels Rossi a Scamster

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Image courtesy of Daniele Passerini

The world has witnessed two successful testing of the incredible technology that is power packed into the Energy Catalyzer, the “low energy Nuclear reactions” device created by Dr. Andrea Rossi. However Steven Krivit, the journalist for the ‘New Energy Times’ journal still holds his head in disbelief at all the media frenzy around this important finding.


Oct 31 2011

Rossi and E-Cat pass the test!

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Against all the odds, Dr. Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat cold fusion power plant passed its biggest test on October 28th, producing an average of 470 Kilowatts for more than five hours. According to sources who attended the testing, it was a technical glitch that prevented it from achieving a Megawatt of power as was originally intended. The demonstration was monitored closely by engineers from Rossi’s anonymous US customer, which was evidently satisfied and paid up.

For more details on what went down at the plant, check out Wired UK’s news report for a full round up.


Oct 28 2011

Rossi congratulated on E-Cat power plant output

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Here is a brief excerpt from the approximate 1-hour results announcement and question and answer session held this evening in Bologna, Italy. The Q&A session follows the successful launch of Dr Andrea Rossi’s power plant that is purely powered by his Energy Catalyzer invention.

In the video below, Rossi points out that hot fusion has yet to achieve over-unity at all (and doesn’t expect to for at least another 5 million), despite billions spent in Research and Development. So getting 470 kilowatts of continuous power while in self-sustaining mode (no external input) is indeed a breakthrough for Rossi and his E-Cat invention.


Oct 27 2011

What will tomorrow bring for Cold Fusion Technology?

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Tomorrow, the 28th of October 2011 is a big day in the history of cold fusion technology. It will mark the validity of low energy nuclear reactions as a new source of clean energy for our energy-starved world. Tomorrow, Andrea Rossi’s 1 MW cold fusion reactor gets tested for all the world to see, and we will finally know once and for all if “E-Cat” cold fusion reactor has been worth the hype in the past few weeks.


Oct 21 2011

Rossi on a Commercial Mission

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Andrea Rossi has always made it implicit that once public testing had been conducted that the next step for his Energy Catalyzer device would be to commercialize it. It seems that he is much focused on his commercial goals and attending to business as usual after the October 28th public testing.

According to Rossi’s latest remarks, the first products to go to market are going to be the 1 MW plants (or variants thereof) which will be suitable for industrial applications; initially it seems they will be used mainly for providing heat to factories.


Oct 19 2011

The Last Public E-Cat Test

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As October 28th draws closer, all of us are eager to follow the E-Cat story with what Andrea Rossi has said is to be the last public testing in Bolgona. According to Rossi, his customer who is yet to be named, will carry tests out on the 1 MW E-Cat plant. Rossi has now stated that this test will also be the last public test he will be doing.

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