Mar 14 2012

Boats, Ships and E-Cats

J. De Herrera @ 1:31 pm

In the Age of ‘Sailing Ships’ and ‘Great Discoveries’, it was the FREE ENERGY that made it all possible! Mother Nature DOES NOT CHARGE ANYTHING for the wind energy that powered the Majestic Sailing Ships! These ships were able to travel all over the Globe and discover many new lands and peoples. Windmills provided FREE ENERGY for pumps and other machines on land. Now with the Rossi Energy Catalizer, energy is again, very low cost – ALMOST FREE. How will this new Age of Energy benefit mankind?

It does not take a psychic or crystal ball to see what the future will be with low cost energy. Everyone uses energy to heat a home and the building you work in has heating, cooling and lighting. The car you drive to work in uses petrol to move the pistons up and down and drive the car. Everything that uses energy will benefit from the Rossi Energy Catalizer. This page describes the ships and boats that some day will be using cold fusion/LENR reactors to supply the engine power.

Private boats, like the one in the photo, are lot’s of fun for lakes, rivers, and the sea. However, the more horsepower it has, the more fuel is used to power the boat. In recent years, the price of fuel has risen so high that fewer people are using their boat for fishing or recreation. With low cost energy, the pleasure of boating will be affordable. For some, the pleasure boat is what they live for.

Commercial vessels could be anything, from a small fishing boat to a giant Cruise Ship. A sea cruise for many is the ultimate experience where there is luxury, entertainment and fine dining. There are lengthy voyages or short, three-day mini cruises to choose from. Few people travel by sea to Europe or America these days, it is just too slow and costly – flying is the way to travel great distances. However, there are many cargo ships crossing the Atlantic and Pacific oceans every day and use an incredible amount of fuel energy to power those ships.

Navy and Coast Guard boats and ships sail the Seven Seas, so to speak. In recent years there have been several multinational wars and Military ships haul supplies and are used in the battles. Perhaps someday when oil is no-longer used to power everything in the world, there will be less incentive to go to war for oil. WORLD PEACE could be another benefit from the Rossi Energy Catalizer!

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  1. John De Herrera says:

    Perhaps the best title/description for Andrea Rossi is “Application Scientist”. He took the theory of NI + H reactions, added a catalist, heater(s), and a controller. The results were: a controlled reactor he named “Energy Catalizer” or “E-Cat” which produced enough energy to go commercial. He has built, demonstrated and sold various models of his Energy Catalizer. Very soon, we can expect a commercial launch of his E-Cat reactors. The world will never forget all those who pioneered the new science and technology we call cold fusion or LENR heat reactors. The world will be a much better place because of the cold fusion pioneers!