Sep 10 2012

Andrea Rossi E-Cat Conference now in Zürich

Paolo @ 8:44 am

The Andrea Rossi E-Cat Conference in Zürich began Sept.8 with Adolf and Inge Schneider Opening Speakers. You can monitor the events and speakers (some of this is in German, so put your German hat on and listen to the speakers).

We hope that lots of technical information will be presented and that the Rossi’s E-Cat invention has now started a new ‘THIRD INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION’! We will all benefit from this safe, cheap, abundant energy source.

There has been some incredible progress in the Energy Catalizer technology since last year. The operating temperature was raised from 600ºC to 1200ºC (now named Hot Cat) and the size of the E-Cat is much, much smaller. Perhaps we will see some pictures of the new E-Cat shown at the conference in Zürich.

The Industrial E-Cat is now being manufactured and sold in Europe. There are less regulations on the Industrial model and we will probably see some smaller, Home models produced and sold late next year.

For information on the speakers and subjects, see:

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