Dec 25 2011


J. De Herrera @ 12:27 pm

It was the most incredible year ever and most people are unaware of the accomplishments by Andrea Rossi and research partner, Sergio Focardi. What had been discredited by physicists and professional Skeptics as “the pathological science of cold fusion”, is now the science and technology most capable of saving our planet from environmental pollution disaster and a severe shortage of energy for industrial growth and prosperity.

There were strong indicators in 1989, when Fleischmann and Pons discovered that nuclear energy could be produced at near room temperatures. However, individuals and groups associated with the Nuclear Power industries launched a viscous attack and ended their careers. Independent researchers, who don’t think they know everything about nuclear power, ignored the criticisms of cold fusion and continued the research started by Fleischmann and Pons.

On January 14, 2011, Andrea Rossi and Sergio Focardi demonstrated their nickel-hydrogen reactor capable of producing large amounts of heat energy and ready for commercial applications. Their extraordinary nuclear reactor, Energy Catalyzer or E-Cat, is projected to be one of the greatest inventions ever!  We now have the technology to produce safe, clean, and abundant amounts of energy for transportation, industrial, commercial, or home use. This gift from the inventors Rossi and Focardi will be “the gift that keeps on giving”.
Rossi and Focardi took the technology of Nickel-Hydrogen reaction, developed by Italian physicist Francesco Piantelli, and added a catasyzer to increase the energy output. They identified all the variables in the catalyzer process and built a system to control them. The Rossi and Focardi achievements with their E-Cat reactor are:

• First to harness and control the energy of the Ni-H reaction
• First to achieve large amounts of energy output using a special catalyst
• First commercial application of the Ni-H reactor for home and industrial use
We are at the dawn of a new era of clean, inexpensive and safe energy. Their E-Cat reactor is our gateway to a safer and prosperous future. There are many critical needs through out the world and they all dependent on available energy:
food production, desalination of sea-water for drinking, manufacturing, etc., all depend on available energy.

Andrea Rossi and Sergio Focardi deserve the Nobel Prize and many other awards for outstanding achievement. When others were deterred by the severe criticisms of cold fusion, Rossi and Focardi continued the research of Fleischmann and Pons. They persevered until they were successful with their E-Cat reactor. Soon, the world will recognize their achievements and thank them. Please contact one of the cold fusion web suites and learn about Andrea Rossi and Sergio Focardi and their Energy Catalizer or E-Cat. For children or young aduslts, see: Dr. Rossi – The Italian Wizard!


  1. Tony Lampet says:

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  2. Adolfo Giurfa says:

    Dear Professor: In order to have your business completed, you will need a reliable source of NICKEL NANOPOWDER. I have developed an easy and very cheap process to obtain it in the tons range. You can see a report made by the University of Chile about a sample of Nanocopper obtained with the same process.
    And several comments on your E-Cat generator at:

    • John De Herrera says:

      Adolfo, thank you for your information. Let everyone know about your Nanopowder Nickel. There is a great increase in surface area when you go to nano Ni, instead of solid metal. Let everyone know about your nano Ni powder. Soon there will be many manufacturers looking for this powder!